Packing up for a family gap year

The last two weeks were CHAOS! Despite renting our home fully furnished for the next year, we still had to pack up all our personal belongings.  Little did we realize how much stuff we had accumulated during the past 10 years!  We took 30 bags to Goodwill, had loads of trash and still felt like the packing would never end.  And that’s all from a moderately sized ranch.  James and I are only half joking that we’ll come back and see how long we can live from backpacks, without unpacking all those boxes.

The chaos of packing up all of our personal stuff in preparation for our family gap year

It has taken us every bit of the past ten years to feel like we’ve built a community in Charlotte.  James and I are both introverts and while we love hanging with friends, nothing replaces the time we cherish at home or adventuring with just our family. 

In between packing and planning our family gap year, we were blown away with the love from our Charlotte friends.  Our kids had the opportunity to spend the endless summer days with their neighborhood besties. The adults had a chance to visit poolside with friends, and we’ve never felt so loved as we have over the past two weeks. 

Saying (temporary) goodbyes to our neighbors

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors who offered help and provided words of encouragement. It made saying goodbye to Charlotte so much harder!

Family pic before leaving our life in NC behind for the year and embarking on a family gap year

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