Kids’ Post – Wood School Bali

Goose, Manji, and Bingo all spent a week at Wood School in Ubud. The school has an alternative teaching philosophy called Neohumanism, which focuses on nurturing the emotions of the child. Goose and Manji share their experiences below.

All About Wood School by Goose

This week I went to Wood School! We did some awesome things. The school follows something called NHE which means Neo Humanism Education and the entire school is vegan. On our first day, we had cooking class and made cookies for the Halloween party.  Then we did math, which I loved!  At the end of the school day, we had a Halloween party. On the second day, we did math, reading, science, and social studies. And my favorite parts of the school day were yoga and playing games. On the third day, we had Hieroglyphic education which means we learned a different way of writing the alphabet. And we did math, yoga, reading, and science. On day four, my friend and I played football, did math, reading, and had a great lunch. We had rice and soup. I hope we can go back!

Goose in front of the rice field at Wood School

My Time at Wood School by Manji

This week I went to Wood School.  My favorite thing was swimming.  I loved swimming because I liked jumping with my new friend, Max.  My best friends were Max and Ruben because they were fun.  My favorite snack was chocolate popsicles and churros.  The chocolate popsicles were made with avocados.  At school I liked the Halloween Party.  I was a karate master.  We had brownies with nuts on top!  I played a game at the Halloween party where you hit a scarecrow with a ball.  There was also a maze that was creepy and cool.  I got face paint of a pirate too!  It was amazing!

Manji and Bingo in front of the kids’ fruit stand

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