In love with sLOVEnia

We arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia late Sunday afternoon after an all-day train ride from Budapest.  Once again, reserved train seats for the win! Our Nanny and Papa were with us for the week so the kids were thrilled to have someone other than Mom and Dad to talk to for a few days. 

Manji working away on the train from Budapest to Slovenia

Manji busy with schoolwork on the train

We stayed at Vila Marija, in a quiet neighborhood with the most amazing host, Ales.  He stocked our fridge before our arrival, let the kids borrow a bin of Legos, and even brought us warm croissants filled with apricot jam one morning!  The apartment truly felt like a home away from home for the week!

On our first full day in Ljubljana, we took a free walking tour to gain more insight into the history of the town and the country.  The boys were quick to point out that Slovenia is younger than James and I are! We saw the city market, strolled the streets, and saw all the architectural design created by Plecnik.  The kids picked up a few souvenirs and we saw Bingo bat her eyes to get a great deal on a purchase!

Our crew exploring Ljubljana, Slovenia

Exploring Ljubljana

Group photo in front of the University of Ljubljana

The following day, we rented a car and drove to Vintgar Gorge, just beyond Lake Bled.  There was a parking and entrance fee to hike into the gorge but it was worth every penny.  The hike was about four miles and you can tell that all those fees have gone into the infrastructure of the path.  The trail was a mile and a half along the wall of the gorge and you are above the rushing Radovna River for the entire walk.  We then returned through a wooded path to the parking lot.  We spent the afternoon grabbing gelato in Lake Bled. 

Papa and Goose on the beautiful walk through Vintgar Gorge

Papa and Goose check out the Vintgar Gorge

The biggest treat was that Nanny and Papa babysat the kids for a whole night so James and I could have a mini get-away.  We put the five of them on a bus from Lake Bled back to Ljubljana and James and I checked into Vila Preseren for an evening.  We spent the night enjoying a quiet dinner on the lake and binge watching the first few episodes of Virgin River 😊. 

The following day, James and I headed into Triglav National Park, for a short hike to a lunch spot.  We happened upon the closing day for a small restaurant which also worked as a hiking chalet. The lunch offerings were few, but the barley soup with sausage was amazing! We thought we’d venture a little further on our path and ended up hiking about five miles.  The park is stunning and reminds me so much of Glacier National Park.  The mountains are so rugged and majestic.  I was in my happy place, to say the least!

James hiking in Triglav National Park

We spent our final day in Slovenia back in Triglav National Park, hiking to Mostnica Gorge and Voje Waterfall.  It was a seven-mile hike and everyone did fantastic.  We had beautiful views through fields of wildflowers and were welcomed by a stunning waterfall.  We were grateful to end at Voje Waterfall Alpine Hut which had a restaurant to feed our empty stomachs! Beef stew, barley soup, and sausages were on the menu and we enjoyed every morsel!

James and Manji enjoying yet another hike on our week in Slovenia.  What a great place to spend time outdoors!

James and Manji at Voje Waterfall

Kate and Goose enjoy lunch towards the end of our week in Slovenia with kids

Kate and Goose after lunch at the alpine hut

Slovenia is stunning and of all the places we’ve visited so far in Europe, this may be our favorite.  The “bang for your buck” is incredible and the outdoor scene is pretty sweet too! We’d love to come back and whitewater raft, rock climb, and hike (I can always do more hiking 😊).

Go to Slovenia!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

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