Cavorting Through Copenhagen with Kids

If there’s a place we could live in Europe, it might just be Copenhagen!  This highly efficient city (only rivaled by the Swiss) has so much history to offer, especially outdoor space.  It just works – from ample sidewalks, to designated bike lanes, and trains that run like clockwork.  We spent six days exploring Copenhagen but felt as though we barely scratched the surface. 

We stayed in a lovely AirBnb by Rosenborg Castle. It had a stunning view from the fifth floor and loved it…even without an elevator.  It was so nice to only have backpacks as we trudged up the 12 flights of stairs!

Our Copenhagen AirBnB, conveniently located along the King's Garden in Copenhagen

Our AirBnb – the white one in the middle

For activities and transportation, we purchased the Copenhagen Card which includes 80 museums and unlimited local public transit.  With a week in Copenhagen, it was difficult to pick the museums but our crash course in attractions was perfect!

Day 1: We spent the day exploring our surroundings and gathering groceries. After a hotel in Oslo and primarily eating out, it was so nice to enjoy cooking and eating at home. We explored the playground at Rosenborg Castle, ate at Torvehallerne food hall, and just wandered the city. We especially enjoyed exploring parks as we went.  Manji was insistent that since it was a weekend, we didn’t have to do any school so we made it truly feel leisurely like a Saturday back home.  It seems like our kids have the best ideas a lot of the time (or at least some of the time).

Rosenborg Playground

Rosenborg Playground


Torvehallerne the most amazing selection of produce and food vendors

Day 2: We headed to the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Denmark on our second day.  At first, we thought this might be a letdown as the exhibits were all in Danish and the subtitles ran across the screens at super speed, even for us adults.  However, as we made our way deeper into the museum, we discovered lots of hands on activities – a tight rope to try, a test of hand strength for the trapeze, and a chance to practice juggling.  James was able to demonstrate his prowess for sideshow acts (expert juggler and quite the magician) which made us all giggle.  We ended our day with a river cruise along the canals that weave through the city followed by a charcuterie board in Rosenborg Park.

Copenhagen Circus Museum

Manji the clown at the Circus Museum

Rosenborg Playground

Afternoon snack in Rosenborg Park

Day 3: We finally decided to explore the castle that was across from our AirBnb today! The castle is home to the crown jewels of Danish royalty and Bingo and I enjoyed “selecting” which ones we would wear.  We followed our tour with a stroll down the picturesque Nyhavn district. We grabbed a seafood lunch and enjoyed people watching and listening to the local troubadours.  Following our lunch, we joined a free walking tour of Christianshavn, which includes Christiania –a squatted neighborhood that began in 1971 that the government has allowed to continue.  A mostly peaceful commune, the area has lately had gang related issues so we decided to abandon the tour at the entrance for safety reasons with the kids.

Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle – located in our backyard!

Day 4: A day for the kids! We spent the day at the third oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli Gardens! They had rides for all ages, from peaceful boat rides (for mom) to thrilling roller coasters (everyone else). The best ride by far was the car that carried you through all the tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens

Day 5: Viking day! We headed to the Viking Museum located in Roskilde.  The museum housed five Viking boats that were recovered from the nearby fjord.  As with all the museums we visited, they had kid centric activities where kids could dress up like Vikings and board a replica of a ship.  Not surprisingly, the biggest hit was the “build your own boat” warehouse. Kids and adults were given scraps of wood and tools to recreate their own Viking ship.

Viking Museum Copenhagen

Perusing the Viking ship replicas

Viking Museum Copenhagen

“Build Your Own Viking Boat”

Day 6: Our final day was spent visiting the Botanical Garden and then a quick trip up the Round Tower. The view of Copenhagen from above was spectacular.  We gathered postcards and bought the kids a book for the long train rides ahead.

Botanical Gardens Copenhagen

Manji at the Botanical Gardens

The Round Tower Copenhagen

Goose and Manji in the Round Tower

Copenhagen, you are a dream! Travel is so easy here and although we were told the weather is often rainy and gray, we were lucky to have mostly beautiful, sunny days!

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