About us

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! We’re a family of five who love to see the world, meet new people, try new things, and spend as much time as possible outside. Hiking, biking, skiing, rock climbing…bring it on!

We decided to put our life in North Carolina on hold for a year, with a goal of developing a further appreciation for the world and all it has to offer.

When it’s all said and done, we want our kids to look back on their childhood with a fond sense of adventure, appreciation, joy and love (isn’t that a fundamental truth of the human condition?). This adventure is the next step on our journey.

Join us on our travels through our blog and if you happen to be out gallivanting where we are, let us know as we’d love to meet up!


Kate enjoying a sundowner after successfully anchoring during our ASA 104 sailing course with Reef Runner Sailing

Kate is the dreamer of our family. She’s constantly coming up with exhilarating adventures for us, even if it means packing 12 awesome activities into one day. She’s happiest with the purest version of life… a beautiful wave, the tranquility of the mountains, hanging out with friends, or just enjoying the sun in a beautiful alpine field. She provides the emotional love and support to not only keep our family going but also for us all to find the best versions of ourselves. Without her, our family gap year wouldn’t have even been a dream.


James at the helm during our ASA 104 course with Reef Runner Sailing

James is our fearless leader, captain of our ship, and the “CEO” of our family. He keeps things running like clockwork and manages to organize the fun chaos that Kate likes to create. He’s the logic behind the ideas and he gets the job done. He is our family’s biggest cheerleader, the one who says “I think we can do it!” His optimism, adventurous spirit, and curious mind are a driving force behind our family gap year.


Goose checking out his blue crab catch in Emerald Isle, NC

Goose, our oldest child, has a positive attitude and is willing to take on any challenge. He loves the outdoors, basketball, and hanging with his friends and cousins. He’ll try anything from new foods to new activities. He’s not afraid of hard work and can often be found mowing the lawn or fixing a bike just because he finds it fun to do. Per Goose, the thing he’s looking forward to next year is experiencing new cultures.


Manji enjoying the beautiful clear water of the Exumas, Bahamas

Manji, the middle man, is the jokester of the bunch. He keeps everyone entertained with his unique ability to turn everything into a game. He jumps out of bed each morning with an energy that everyone wishes they could bottle up! Per Manji, he’s most looking forward to surfing and being at the helm of a boat.


Bingo on her first outdoor rock climb in Acadia National Park

Bingo, our youngest, is a delight. She finds her joy in being with her brothers. She’s happy to snuggle them and rub their backs when they’re tired. If we are trying something new as a family, she’s right there with us willing to take on the challenge! Per Bingo, she’s most looking forward to being with her family next year.

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